Electric fireplace baskets (english version)

Electric fireplace basketsрусская версия

Electric fireplace baskets have quite a rich history. If you wish to purchase a fireplace for your home, it is more than likely that their story would encourage you to use decorative fireplace baskets to enhance your future hearth. Moreover, almost all the manufacturers of electric fireplaces include such models in their range of goods, periodically complementing them with their own improvements such as developing realistic flame effects.  

One of the first fireplaces was a simple niche in the wall, in which ordinary pieces of wood were placed on an elementary grid-base. Such grids can be considered to represent the very earliest version of fireplace baskets – see photo at the top left-hand corner.

With the passage of time, there have been many changes in fireplace decorations; they have been decorated with various carvings, supplemented with consoles, cornices, and other details. These changes also affected future fireplace baskets – from simple cast-iron grids, they were transformed into original stand-alone grates, effectively enhancing the appearance of the fireplace.

The greatest influence on the transformation process was a new type of fuel – coal, which was used to heat homes in medieval Europe. It was then that the basket attained its complete form, one which we are all used to seeing everywhere today. The fireplace basket (it is also called a brazier) became a kind of decorative insert in which coal was burned. Predominantly made of wrought iron, it was manufactured in such a way as to prevent hot pieces of coal from falling onto the ground. Pieces of coals could be piled up high in the baskets, whereas the slots at the front of the basket enabled the user to stoke the fire more conveniently with a poker.

With the invention of the first electric heater, people wanted to associate it somehow with the traditional fireplace. Therefore, one of the earliest models of heaters was produced in the form of a fireplace basket. Fake pieces of burning coal were added to make it look more realistic. The smouldering and flickering effects of the coal were produced by ordinary light bulbs, concealed in the basket casing. This was how the first electric fireplace actually appeared! One version of this first electric fireplace is the fireplace basket shown in the photo at the bottom right-hand corner.

One of the earliest electric fireplaces can be seen in our Saint Petersburg showroom. The main exhibit of our exhibition is the electric heater manufactured by Belling & Co in 1945. By the way, it is namely this particular fireplace basket that was used to decorate the fireplace in the alchemist's office at Doctor Poehl’s Pharmacy Museum (more detailed information). It is interesting to note that in 1992, Belling & Co was acquired by the Glen Dimplex Group, a leading global manufacturer of electric fireplaces.

Other ways to emulate fire burning were invented much later. The first electric fireplaces were manufactured in the form of fireplace baskets, in different classical styles and colours. After some time, fake wooden logs used in electric fireplace baskets replaced coal.

Currently, electric fireplaces baskets are not as popular as before due to the more universal models of closed electric fireplace heaters. This is due to many factors, ranging from the need to add decorative elements to fireplace space to the desire to match new-style electric fireplace baskets with new layouts.

However, we are confident that these models will win back their former popularity. Our company is currently negotiating with the world's leading manufacturer of electric fireplaces – the Glen Dimplex Group – on the possibility of producing a special series of fire baskets with Opti-Myst flame effect. The introduction of advanced technologies will complement electric fireplace baskets with amazing realistic effects, which will undoubtedly allow us to offer our customers a unique premium-class product.  

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