Electric fireplace at the museum – “Apteka Doktora Pelia” (Doctor Poehl’s Pharmacy) in Saint Petersburg, Russia (english version)

Dimplex fireplace at Doctor Poehl's Pharmacy museum (Saint Petersburg, Russia)русская версия

This is the first time that an electric fireplace has appeared in the entire history of the museum. It should be noted that it was also the very first time that “Doctor Poehl’s Pharmacy” took an active part in the cultural program – “Night of Museums 2011”.

It is not an easy task to stand out among all the museums participating in the “Night of Museums” as their number is increasing every year. Besides running the museum at night, the museum administration decided to solve this problem by setting up a special exhibition in the basement of the museum.
One of the rooms was turned into a mysterious room of a medieval alchemist. Mystical symbols on the walls, smells emanating from bundles of medicinal herbs hanging all around the area, and all sorts of glass bottles and flasks permeated the unique and mysterious atmosphere in the room. Almost all the items of the interior’s display were authentic.  

A fireplace was also used as a decorative element in this exhibition. An authentic Dimplex electric fireplace was installed to further accentuate the special purpose of the laboratory.
The question of choosing a fireplace, which would be suitable for the challenging task of designing such an unusual exhibition, was resolved quite simply – an unusual electric fireplace was used, as all standard electric fireplaces are designed in a modern style. Moreover, even the most classic models of fireplaces have nothing to do with the Middle Ages.

The role of the unusual fireplace was attributed to one of the collectible antique fireplaces provided by the Yaroshenko Design Company. This is one of the first electric fireplaces in the history of heating devices with decorative effects - the Belling fireplace. Manufactured in the first half of the 19th century, it was already considered a classic at that time, so this piece turned out to be the best solution to the problem.

Such an unusual exhibition resulted in a huge flow of visitors to the museum on the night of May 21 to 22, 2011. Almost the entire staff of the pharmacy was involved in conducting excursions, and the waiting time in the line-up could be counted in hours. Participating in such a program for the very first time, the museum deserved to gain such good results, which was achieved by the museum administration taking an unusual approach to the organization of the exhibition.  

At present, an improved general service Minotto fireplace insert of the current series of Dimplex electric fireplaces, is being used to decorate the fireplace in the museum. The collectible Belling fireplace has been returned to its usual place - the exhibition hall in our company. The electric fireplace at “Doctor Poehl’s Pharmacy” Museum is one of the best examples of modern technology used in projects of special historical value. 

site of the museum “Apteka Doktora Pelia” (Doctor Poehl’s Pharmacy)

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If you have any questions or suggestions related to using electric fireplaces at cultural exhibitions, please contact us by e-mail: alexander@ydes.spb.ru. Specialists of the Yaroshenko Design Company will be pleased to help you implement similar programs in fields of particular cultural and historical significance. Our rich experience and our ability to work directly with the world's leading developers of innovative technologies for safe and realistic flame effects is the key to our company successfully fulfilling the most ambitious and original projects.

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