The decorative fireplace with "Dimplex Opti-Myst" effect in the museum – "Lower Baths" in Tsarskoye Selo (english version)

"Dimplex Opti-Myst" effect in the museum - "Lower Baths" (Tsarskoye Selo, Russia)русская версия

The decorative fireplace in the “Lower Baths” museum is the first example of installing an “Opti-Myst” electric fireplace in the museum (an innovative and safe technology to reproduce fire and smoke effects).

Designed by the architect, I.V. Neelov in 1780, the “Nizhnyaya Vanna” (also known as the “Nizhnaya Kupalnia” (Lower Bathouse) is a building that combines decorative and practical elements. In those days, it was a “bathing place” designed for both ladies and gentlemen.

Using decorative fireplaces to revitalize the museum's interior is a complicated and demanding task. The main difficulty lies in technically adapting a serial model of an electric fireplace to a special antique fireplace. Furthermore, be assured that there is no need in to explain the responsibility and particular significance associated with this task – modern technology must not have any detrimental effects whatsoever on the original interior of objects of such high cultural importance.

In this case, in order to revitalize the marble portal in the “Lower Baths” museum in the Ekaterininskiy Park of Tsarskoye Selo, an electric Cavendish fireplace technology was used to simulate flames by means of cold water vapour.

The decorative fireplace underwent further significant renovations when a cast-iron fireplace basket was installed without damaging the actual framework. The photographs on the right clearly show how much warmer and more realistic the interior of the pavilion began to look after this decorative fireplace was installed within the portal.

We are convinced that the implementation of similar projects - introducing flame effects designed by “Dimplex Opti-Myst” in Saint Petersburg museums - will help museum visitors to literally immerse themselves in the atmosphere of a certain historical era. Instead of contemplating the usual cold "images of history", visitors will now be able to gaze at a "historic video", which will certainly change their perception of and attitude towards museums. Therefore, modern decorative fireplaces in museums can be qualified as original "time machines”.   

site of the museum Catherine Palace (Tsarskoye Selo)

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If you have any questions or suggestions related to using electric fireplaces at cultural exhibitions, please contact us by e-mail: Specialists of the Yaroshenko Design Company will be pleased to help you implement similar programs in fields of particular cultural and historical significance. Our rich experience and our ability to work directly with the world's leading developers of innovative technologies for safe and realistic flame effects is the key to our company successfully fulfilling the most ambitious and original projects.

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