Dimplex Westbrook fireplace insert with OptiMyst flame effect (english version)

fireplace insert Westbrook Dimplex Opti-Myst 2013 русская версия

Opti-Myst electric fireplace inserts represent a new type of Dimplex fireplace, stylized as antique fireplace baskets or grates, as they are still called.

As we all know, everything new is well forgotten old. Indeed, as we have already mentioned in a related article, these baskets refer to modifications of one of the first electric fireplaces. The new in this case is that these models are now equipped with advanced technologies to simulate flame effects. One of these novelties is the Westbrook basket from Glen Dimplex, the undisputed world leader in electric fireplaces manufacture.

The main feature of electric fireplace inserts is focused in its name – simplicity of installation in the interior. If you are a proud owner of a real fireplace, but for some reason or other you have not used it for a long time (or do not want to use it), then the Westbrook fireplace insert is an easy and ideal way to revitalize your home fireplace. It can be simply inserted into the fireplace and plugged into the socket, which is best placed at the base of the fire chamber back wall. It seems appropriate to mount the socket, but this will be the only complex operation that you must deal with when installing the basket.  

Unlike traditionally wide or classic fireplaces, you do not need to make any extra efforts to adapt your original fireplace to your new electric fireplace insert (meaning that your fire chamber does not have to be expanded or narrowed). Only one condition is required: the dimensions of the chamber of your natural fireplace should exceed the corresponding dimensions of the electric fireplace basket. However, the small dimensions of the Westbrook insert (with width 45cm and depth 27cm only) will make it easy for you to meet this requirement in most cases.

In contrast to kindling a fire and maintaining a natural fireplace (in fact, cleaning a fireplace chimney will leave you with a host of unforgettable impressions), everything becomes much easier with the Westbrook fireplace basket. All that may be required when operating an electric fireplace is that water should be added into a special reservoir (its volume allows the hearth to function normally for 10-14 hours), and occasionally, depending on how frequently the fireplace is used, be sure to clean the inner parts of lime and other deposits up. This procedure is required to extend the life span of any Opti-Myst electric fireplace, and Westbrook is not an exception.

As has been mentioned earlier, Westbrook Opti-Myst fireplace inserts represent the latest generation of realistic fireplaces with smoke effect. All this means is that the Glen Dimplex patented system simulating natural flames enabled the company to revive the art of electric baskets. Maintaining your fireplace (adding water or cleaning it) should be properly done by removing the panel with the fake logs, designed similar to Opti-Myst 2012 fireplaces.

It is possible to dismantle the decorative rear wall, the main purpose of which is to increase a contrasting effect of Opti-Myst flames, thus preserving a historical and credible image of the basket. In fact, any fire will look more convincing against a black background. But, there are exceptions - for example, the rear wall of the fire chamber of your fireplace is black anyway. Accordingly, in such a situation the rear panel of the Westbrook fireplace insert loses its significance. Besides, the height of the basket will be significantly reduced without this wall, which makes the fireplace even more versatile.

The Westbrook classic base imitates a cast iron grate. Imperturbed, enduring and solid: all the best traditions of the classic English style. The universal black color of the model will make it easy for you to integrate it in any interior.

Westbrook Dimplex electric fireplaces will be available in the market by the end of this year.
You’ll still have time to meet the New Year 2013 sitting by your fireplace!

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