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"DANVILLE OPTI-MYST 2012" DIMPLEX electric fireplace review (english version)

Цена: 57890.-
  • functionality
  • control
  • heating
  • flame effect
minimal depth and versatility; simple maintenance; low cost; made in Ireland

русская версия обзора

alternative models

Danville chrome, Danville brassDanville antique brass, Danville black

The Danville electric fireplace is executed in classic English style, that is, it extends upwards and has a distinctive aristocratic appearance. The Danville is only meant to be installed in decorative structures, which can be either ready-made frames or any kind of designed masterpiece idea made of all sorts of materials.

The Danville fireplace is available in four colours – chrome finishing, brass, antique brass (more like bronze), or classic black. These models are called Danville chrome, Danville brass, Danville antique brass, and Danville black, respectively. We would like to point out that the most unusual colour design is “chrome” as Danville is the first electric fireplace with Opti-Myst flame effect manufactured in this colour. That is why we have chosen Danville chrome for our review.

The body of the test sample is made of metal, which gives it an external appearance of certain solidity and dignity. The fireplace base is the most spectacular – a cast metal basket with logs attracts visitor’s eye. It is interesting that among all the Opti-Myst electric fireplaces manufactured in the first series, only the Charlotte model has a similar basket though with a more modern look. As a whole, therefore, the new line of classic steam-type fireplaces with regard to its decorative design is not at all inferior to the previous one but is even superior in some way.

Perhaps the main feature of the Danville is its minimal depth constituting only 6 cm. against 16 cm. in the previous series! This is an absolute record among all Opti-Myst electric fireplaces. Thus, a Danville fireplace can be built into almost any wall. In addition, the vast majority of ready-made portals manufactured for classic fireplaces with traditional flame effect are entirely compatible with the test model. This is why this fireplace can certainly be called a general cervice item.

One question arises … how was it possible to reduce the depth of these new electric fireplaces with flame and smoke effects by almost 10 cm.? GlenDimplex engineers found an interesting solution. They modernized the internal section of the fireplace, which creates Opti-Myst flame effects, by changing the location and design features of individual elements. However, this was not enough, so Danville’s visible (external) section was somehow pushed forward (see the side view picture of the Danville electric fireplace). The result was a certain compromise solution between apparent depth and the depth beyond the embedding plane.

The decorative framework and the basket with fake logs in the test sample have imitation chrome finish. The surface obtained a slightly matte look (not like a normal mirror). As a whole, the solution was correct - first, it is practical in terms of operating the electric fireplace, and second, the Danville chrome electric fireplace does not seem intrusive thanks to this finishing.


It is not at all necessary to search for something unusual in the fireplace equipment - in this respect, Danville is no different from all Opti-Myst fireplaces. But just in case, here is the content of the list: a built-in heater with two operating modes (full and half power heat output), a thermostat, flame effect intensity adjustment (more or less amount of steam), and a remote control.


All of the above-mentioned equally apply to controlling the electric fireplace. All settings for operating the fireplace are set from the control unit located at the top of the fireplace behind the decorative cover. The remote control is used only for the on/off effects of the complete device, or the heating mode separately.


Decorative logs in Danville chrome are made in the form of one piece panel. They need to be removed when water has to be added to the electric fireplace. As the panel with fake firewood is not fastened to the frame of the fireplace, the procedure for removing and installing the panel to access the inside of Opti-Myst poses no difficulty.

The logs themselves are made of special light-transmitting orange plastic material, with a painted top. Light from halogen lamps in the fireplace struggles through the plastic material in the unpainted areas of the panel. This creates an effect of illuminated logs. Due to puffs of steam moving beneath them, one gets a sensation of flickering coal, although this effect is not as pronounced as in other Opti-Myst fireplaces where integrated LEDs assure individual lighting of logs. But, properly speaking, the price of a Danville electric fireplace is significantly lower than the fore-mentioned models. It is important that the difference in price fully compensates for the differences in the logs, so that the final choice rests with the buyer.

The rear and side internal walls of the fireplace are not decorated, but this is not as important for this fireplace model as, for example, for the Albany model. Why is that? See the description of the flame effect below

Flame Effect

Despite quite substantial changes in the design of this fireplace, Dimplex engineers achieved the most important thing – Opti-Myst 2011 flame effect is in no way different from the previous ones. It is still incredibly realistic, especially as analogues are not available to the present day. Well, getting back to the Danville chrome test, it should be noted that flame and smoke effect completely fill the interior of the fireplace when steam settings are adjusted to maximum power. Therefore, when the fire effect is switched on there is nothing else to do but gaze at the flames, whereas when the installation is off all the walls of the fire place are just dark, and no additional decorations are required.


The modernization of Opti-Myst classic fireplaces has been successful – the lineup of Danville electric fireplaces has every right to exist. First of all, this can be justified by a significant reduction in the price of new models of this series.

+ It is namely the minimal depth among all the Opti-Myst fireplaces that makes this hearth fit for most portals and saves space in the interior part; decorative elements of the body are made of cast metal; maintenance is simple and convenient; you get a good price for our “steam-type electric fireplaces”.

If only the price of a Danville could be just a teeny bit lower! :))
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Электрический камин Danville"Danville chrome" front view

Электрический камин Danville minimal depth as a result of 3D "Opti-Myst" flame effect modernization by "Glen Dimplex" engineers

Электрический камин Danvillethe fireplace base is the most spectacular

Электрический камин Danvillecast metal basket with logs attracts visitor’s eye

Электрический камин Danville

Электрический камин DanvilleDimplex Opti-Myst flame effect