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"SILVERTON / OPTI-MYST II" (DIMPLEX) electric firelogs review (english version)

Цена: 81500.-
  • functionality
  • control
  • hearth
  • flame effect

realistic dummies of coal and wood utilizing independent translucent lighting; make various formations with just several wood logs; safe low-voltage power supply and consumption; dynamic vapor lighting


feeble fire effect; lots of connecting leads; unreliable fasteners

русская версия обзора Silverton

alternative models

Cassette 600, Cassette 400, WestbrookCassette L, Juneau

Silverton electric fireplaces manufactured by the Irish company Dimplex and code named Opti-Myst II (this name is still used in the US market), are truly unique and all of the above alternatives are not really alternatives.

These fireplaces are obviously beneficial as they fit into recesses or portals, do not need any additional holes or fixtures, and can “revive” any inactive wood burning fireplaces.

Silverton models have no casing, but are actually wood logs scattered shimmering on a metal lattice (made of real metal) atop fallen coal dummies. These definitely add some more realism to the fireplace, but pose a restriction for the bottom part meant to incorporate a basket. You know that glowing coal on a wooden platform would be somewhat out of place. Besides, you can leave the unit without the panel, if you want to.

The model’s fifteen parts are supplied knocked down. Hence, to assemble this “puzzle” you will need something to assist your hands. The “best” part is to fasten and lead wires to each of the wood logs as each one of them employs its own LEDs. The assembly manual demonstrates only some sketchy lines picturing the wood logs, and the only way to match those with the real ones is to look at tiny labels attached to each log. However, it won’t hurt if you just connect the logs and place them in a different manner, since the unit will still work. So, be creative and put the wood the way you prefer, maybe that is why the fireplace comes with a bag full of extra fasteners.

The fireplace is powered through a 24 V external adapter. The unit’s open structure requires lower voltage, because the alive parts are easily accessed and become dangerous for kids and pets when connected directly to the network. Furthermore, with an AC adapter the fireplace needs a smaller operating unit. All this looks reasonable so far, you can only wander why the adapter jack is connected to the front part and not the back? Where do we hide the wire?..


The designers did their best to conceal the hi-tech origins of these ornamental fireplaces, for the operating unit is quite small and barely seen behind the wood.

Silverton has no integrated heater, as the only way to place it behind the wood would be to modify the fireplace which is already quite big. And hiding it would also be a challenge, therefore, there is no alternative.

The fireplace offers only two modes of operation, that is to have the dynamic coal and wood lighting on or to keep that running and add some water vapor imitating fire and smoke.

We would place the lack of the fire intensity control button on the list of the unit’s major flaws. All other types of “vapor fireplaces” use this button. We do not really get what made the designers omit this important part, for it does not need much space and would not greatly reflect on the unit’s price.


The bottom part of the operating unit’s side wall incorporates a power switch and the only bottom used to control Silverton. By pressing the button again and again you can select one of the three modes: lighting only, lighting and vapor, standby. And so forth.

The fireplace’s open structure needs small buttons which are hidden under the wood and are really hard to get to, especially when the unit is placed in a portal or inactive wood burning fireplace. So here is some valuable advice – treasure your remote!

The remote control also uses two buttons. The on button turns on the lighting when pressed once or adds some vapor if pressed again. Afterwards, the button becomes inactive, therefore, to go back to lighting only, you have to switch off the fireplace by pressing the second button and then press the on button once. This is not really a problem, but now we have one more point to discuss with the designers.


That's a darling! Now you're splendid
"Wash Em Clean", K.I. Chukovskiy

Obviously, Silverton electric fireplace has no ordinary furnace. This is in no way a flaw, but the actual nature of such units. So, in this section we will “go for the wood”.

Each of the plastic wood logs is made individually and looks pretty realistic. The designers should take the credit here. The good thing is that wood logs are as big as real ones which is rare in ornamental fireplaces. The largest log looks really impressive! And it is there for a reason – to hide the fireplace’s structural elements, and reliably support the entire “fire”. Another slightly smaller log should have a definite position, as for all others, you can lay them the way you like.

All wood logs utilize dynamic LEDs to imitate smoldering lights, apart from the two supportive ones mentioned above. By the way, the coal scattered under the basket uses its independent lighting so as to make the fire more authentic.

Now, a few words about the flaws. Aside from the difficult assembly procedure, the unit has lots of wires hanging in the air, and you will have a job of work hiding them. Wood fasteners which might fall off are also no prize. The designers found a “smart” solution here, that is to add a bag of extra fasteners.

In sunlight, the wood and coal LEDs are obviously insufficient – they are just seen and that’s it. The fireplace looks better in a darkened room where the flicker effect is enchanting the way it is supposed to be.

Flame Effect

The patented Opti-Myst fire effect is based on an ultrasonic steam generator. The ascending color-lit vapor makes a realistic imitation of fire and smoke. Whereas Silverton ornamental fireplaces use this effect differently, not like other Opti-Myst models, and it is not as impressive.

Unlike other models where halogen lamps both light up the vapor and make a warm air current to push the vapor up, Silverton uses LEDs and low-temperature heating unit to shift the mist upwards. 

Currently, the fireplace under test is the first and only model using Opti-Myst fire effect through LEDs. This solution not only requires a smaller operating unit, but makes the fireplace less power-consuming and even safer. The last point is of great importance, for, as we said, hot halogen lamps in an open structure are somewhat dangerous.

In addition, LEDs have shown one more great option which is already implemented in this unit under review. We mean the flickering diodes which light up the vapor. Install the fireplace in a recess or any available portal to enjoy realistic tricks of light drawn by flames on the structure’s inner walls, as if this effect is meant to make a balanced picture of the fireplace and the installation spot. Moreover, these dynamic tricks of light can literally revive the portal to create cozy atmosphere of a mysterious fairy tale.

Now, some more details about the fire effect. It is believed that where there is smoke there must be fire… Silverton can prove this saying wrong! We can take some time to walk you through all details but what we see is plenty of smoke and not a trace of fire. Whatever the problem is, a weak heater or not too many LEDs, the lit up vapor does not rush upwards like real flames, but idly crawls about 50 cm up like damp wood smoke. It looks like the fire is somewhere under wood, and it will take only a while to blaze up but… this just never happens.

Perhaps, fire generation intensity control could change the situation, but, as we said, it is not there for some reason.

Silverton compares quite well with fireplaces traditionally utilizing electromechanical fire effect, but it is certainly inferior to some of the Opti-Mysts. It seems that pursuing this realistic imitation of coal and wood, the engineers forgot about the importance of fire.



Silverton is a totally new model lacking some “test drives”. When you look at it you feel like improving something about it – either as simple as the assembly manual or as complicated as the Opti-Myst’s primary feature, the vapor fire effect. 

The unit does not look like a serial product of a world-famous company, but rather like a prototype model which needs some developments to make it a perfect fireplace. Unfortunately, this is not so. We have to wait for the manufacturer to upgrade the model, for the current one can barely conquer the Russian market.


One of the fireplace’s strong suits is truly realistic wood and coal dummies utilizing independent dynamic lighting and capable to assume any pattern you might like. All other benefits result from the low-voltage adapter and include reliability, safety and lower power-consumption. Another significant benefit is dynamically lit mist reviving the installation spot.


Complicated assembly and wire-hiding procedure, as well as unreliable fasteners can hardly be listed as material flaws, since you are not likely to dismantle the unit and assemble it once again. Besides, you can invite an expert to ensure fast and high-grade assembly procedure.

Meanwhile, the fire effect, which is definitely inferior to that in other Opti-Myst series models, should be reviewed, especially because a persuasive and realistic fireplace illusion is the only goal of Silverton which produces no heat.


roll over image to zoom in

Электрокамин Dimplex SilvertonSilverton fireplace overviewЭлектрокамин Dimplex Silverton со снятыми поленьямиSilverton with no wood

Два опорных полена
the two largest logs strongly fixed in position

Фрагмент поленьев
a fragment of dismantled wood showing numbered wires connecting the translucent lighting

“burning” wood

Муляж осыпавшихся угольков
fallen coal dummy under the Silverton lattice

Муляж угольков Silverton
just like the wood, the “coal” utilizes dynamic translucent lighting

Блок парогенератораvapor generator unit with a water tank

Ультразвуковой парогенератор
ultrasonic vapor generator – the heart of Opti-Myst firepaces

Функциональный блок с элементами управления
operating unit with controls

Пульт дистанционного управления
Silverton remote control uses only two buttons

Выход парогенератора
output slit of the vapor generator and heating agent with two round LED units seen behind

Нагревательный элемент
the vapor-raising heating unit is absolutely safe and will not cause any skin burns or electric shock when touched

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