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The “Circle of History” can be applied to everything around us – and electric fireplaces are no exception. Glen Dimplex presents a new trend in electric fireplace inserts based on the Westbrook Opti-Myst 2013 model, proving once again that everything new is well forgotten old.
The Third antechamber of the Catherine Palace now has two fireplaces functioning; they were "revitalized" with the use of Dimplex Opti-Myst innovative technology. To create a realistic flame effect these fireplaces used modernized Juneau electric fireplaces of the world's leading manufacturer of decorative fires, the Irish company Glen Dimplex.
Electric fireplaces, manufactured in the form of fireplace baskets, represent a special class of electric hearths, which are remarkable not only in their unusual external appearance, but also noteworthy with regard to the history of their origin.
If traditional, closed electric fireplaces do not impress you in any way, or your interior design requires a unique solution – then you should indeed take a good look at our fireplace baskets!
Flames blaze again in the fireplace in the Blue Chinese Drawing Room! This time it is a completely safe installation, adapted to the museum environment. We are talking about the flame effects installed by “Opti-Myst Dimplex” to revive antique fireplaces in the Catherine Palace (Saint Petersburg, Russia).
An advanced innovative technology - "Dimplex Opti-Myst" – was used to "revive" the old fireplace in the “Nizhnyaya Vanna” pavilion of the State Open-Air Museum of Tsarskoye Selo. For the first time, safe and realistic flame effects produced by an electric steam fireplace appeared in the museum.
The Dimplex electric fireplace was exhibited at “Doctor Poehl’s Pharmacy” Museum within the framework of the cultural program – “Night of Museums 2011”. Decorative flames in the fireplace wonderfully highlighted a mysterious and mystical atmosphere of the exhibition of “The Alchemist’s Laboratory”.